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Product description Jotun Jotafloor Sealer Paint
Jotun Jotafloor Sealer is a two-component primer specially designed to enhance the adhesion between Jotafloor products and concrete surfaces. Can be applied directly to the surface of newly poured concrete (green concrete), allowing faster curing of concrete
Intended use Jotun Jotafloor Sealer Paint
Typically used as a primer in Jotafloor paint systems for areas such as:
Parking Types of traffic floor
Production areas
Industrial plants
This product is used both as a curing additive and as a primer, so it is highly effective in saving labor and time. Need to contact Jotun for technical advice in choosing the type of primer and construction methods.
Film thickness and norm Jotun Jotafloor Sealer Paint
                                                                          Minimum Maximum Standard
Film thickness, dry (µm) 30 50 40
Film thickness, wet (µm) 80 130 100
Theoretical spreading rate (m² / l) 12,5 7,7 10
The roughness and porosity of the object to be painted will affect the actual coating norm.
Physical properties
Clear Colors
Solids (vol%) * 40 ± 2
Flash point 25ºC ± 2 (Setaflash)
VOC 515 gms / ltr UK-PG6 / 23 (97). Appendix 3
Glossy Ball
Water resistance Very good
Excellent solvent resistance
Excellent chemical resistance. Please refer to Jotafloor’s Chemical Resistant List.
Good elasticity
* According to ISO 3233: 1998 (E)
Surface preparation
Concrete damaged by chemicals, contamination or other agents must be removed until the concrete surface is undamaged.
Untreated steel surface
Cleanliness: Spraying seeds meeting Sa 2½ standard (ISO-8501-1: 1988). Surface roughness: use appropriate blasting to achieve Medium G grade roughness (50 – 85 µm, Ry5) (ISO 8503-2).
Old painted surface
The proper anti-rust paint must be clean, dry and undamaged. Please contact Jotun for further advice.
Other types of surfaces
Prepare concrete surface by dust free dust blasting machine, grinding machine, sandblasting or high pressure clean fresh water to achieve appropriate surface roughness before painting. Please contact Jotun for further advice. Apply paint on newly cast concrete surface as soon as possible after walking to the surface. Freshly cast concrete must be lightly brushed or lightly brushed before applying the primer.
This paint can also be used on other surfaces. Please contact the Jotun office for more details.
Conditions in the paint process
The minimum surface temperature should be 15 ° C and at least 3ºC above the dew point of the air. Ambient temperature and humidity are measured in the area around the surface. When working in an enclosed area, be well ventilated to ensure drying / curing. The paint film must not be exposed to water, grease, chemicals or mechanical stresses before fully curing.
Painting methods
Spray paint: Use high pressure paint or conventional paint
Brush: Use only when painting miles and paint for small areas, care should be taken when painting to achieve the specified dry thickness.
Roller: Can be used. Care should be taken to carefully paint to achieve the specified dry film thickness.
Construction data
Mixing ratio (volume) Mixing ratio (volume) 4: 1
Mixing Mix 2 parts A (Paint) mixed with 1 part B (JJ curing agent) JJotafloor Sealer. DO NOT MIX PART. Should be used immediately after mixing.
Induction time 30 minutes.
Pot life (23 ° C) 8 hrs (decreases at higher temperatures)
Thinner / cleanser Jotun Thinner No. 17
Guiding data for high pressure paint sprayers
              Pressure at spray gun tip 140 – 190 kg / cm² (2100 psi)
             Size of 0.021 “- 0.027”
             Spray angle 65 ° – 80 °
             Filter Check to ensure that filters are clean.
Guiding data for conventional paint sprayers
Dry time
In general, drying time is usually related and depends on factors such as air circulation, temperature, thickness, number of coats. The figures given below are based on the following conditions:
* Good ventilation (outdoors or free air circulation)
* Standard paint film thickness
* A layer on the untreated steel surface
* Relative humidity at 70%
Surface temperature 10 ° C 23 ° C 40 ° C
Dry surface