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Kansai Sureseal SL1



Paint Epoxy


Self leveling


24kg/ set



Sureseal SL1 by Kansai is a 3-component self-leveling, solvent free self-leveling epoxy coating that can withstand most industrial chemicals in light to heavy transport, depending on thickness and type.
Special Features
• Flat, seamless – prevents the entry of chemicals into the substrate and prevents bacterial growth.
• Hard coatings – suitable for vehicular traffic.
• Hygiene – Easily cleans dirt.
• Easy maintenance – suitable for housing projects, low maintenance costs.
• Diverse colors – available in a variety of colors to suit your taste.
• No solvents – low odor and environmentally friendly.
Sureseal SL1 is designed for all types of industrial and commercial floors, tailored to individual tastes and requirements of different types of industries. The product is also recommended for use in chemical plants, pharmaceutical facilities, food processing plants, clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals, showrooms, electrical and electronic plants, garage. Automobiles, warehouses and industrial production facilities range from light to heavy.
Not suitable for use on surfaces that are continuously immersed in solvents and strong acids.
Coverage: 2.80kg / m2 (thickness 3mm)
Packing: 6kg and 24kg