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ximang- polymer





Improved polymer cement-based waterproof mortar is applied to mortar and concrete surfaces to prevent water penetration.
     + Drinking water tanks, swimming pools, swimming pools, water tanks.
     + Works tunnel, underground, bridges
     + Terrace and balcony, retaining wall.
     + Used to fill the cracks of crow’s feet are not developing cracks.
Advantages when using SikaTop Seal 107 cement-based waterproofing
+ Two components are prepackaged.
+ Easy to mix and apply, when mixing with a consistency like oil paste
+ Good adhesion with solid surfaces, preventing the process of cascification
+ Waterproof, non-toxic to domestic water environment, does not cause surface corrosion and has a slight elasticity.
+ Can be constructed by spraying machine.
SikaTop Seal 107 product specifications
– Type / Color: Component A: Liquid / White.
                        Component B: Powder / Gray.
– Packing: 25 kg / Set (A: 5 kg / B: 20 ​​kg)
.- Shelf life: At least 6 months if stored properly, store in cool dry place.
– Mixing ratio:
     + Component A: B = 1: 4 by weight.
     + Component A: B = 1: 2.9 By volume.
– Consumption density:
+ Waterproofing for commercial and balcony patios: 1.5kg / m2 / layer.
+ Waterproofing for places with water pressure up to 1m: 1.5kg / m2 / Layer.
+ Waterproofing the place where the incubation of water up to 1m or anti-frost: 2kg / m2 / Layer.
+ Always execute 2 coats of SikaTop Seal
+ It is possible to apply 03 layers for heavily penetrated places.
– Time to allow construction: 30 minutes at 27 degrees Celsius 65% humidity.
– Thickness of each layer: Maximum 2mm for each layer.
– Construction temperature: Minimum 8 degrees C. Maximum 40 degrees C.
Construction process
– Surface preparation:
      + The surface tanks must be cleaned from grease, oil, and impurities.
      + Surface tanks must ensure water saturation but no standing water before construction.
– Mixing: Mix with a slow speed stirrer. Pour the flour ingredients slowly into a stirring liquid to achieve a consistency.
– Construction: apply the first coat when the saturated surface is still damp. Apply 2nd coat after the first dry layer 4-8 h. If more than 12, then before class 2 must be humidified.
– Clean tools used with clean water immediately after using the material, when Sika material has hardened, it must be cleaned by mechanical methods.
– Notes about construction and limitations:
      + Do not use more than 4 kg per m2 in one construction.
      + Sika topseal 107 does not use for decorative surface tanks that can show mottled spots when the weather is moist but does not affect the quality.
Special attention
SikaTop seal 107 is a cementitious waterproofing, so it is alkaline. Skin contact should be avoided. If you are cursed, clean up water and see a doctor immediately.
Dispose according to local regulations.
Any questions about SikaTop Seal 107 products or need advice on using products can contact us directly via Hotline: 086 512 1970