Paint Epoxy




14,48 kg/ SET



Characteristics and uses of Hanjin Hanapoxy EP2060 Clear roller primer epoxy
• Hanjin EP2060 epoxy primer is a colorless transparent paint used to paint on concrete and steel surfaces that penetrate deeply into the surface to be protected.
• Hanjin epoxy primer is an intermediate layer that enhances the bond between the protective surface and the top coat. Can be used for both new paint and surface repair.
• Excellent penetration on rust and concrete surfaces including reinforced concrete and rusted surfaces
• Excellent adhesion
• The paint dries very quickly
• Drying time is after 2 hours at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius
• In addition, epxoy Hanjin EP 2060 Clear primer has the ability to enhance the hardness of concrete and maintenance of steel structures.
Physical properties of Hanjin EP2060 roller system epoxy primer
Transparent Colors
Reflection Dim light
Packing 14.48 kg / set with component A = 7.68kg (paint part) and component B = 6.8kg curing agent
Solid content Approximately 28%
Density 0.96kg / liter
Surface thickness of 50 ㎛
Theoretical coverage 1 liter of Hanjin epoxy primer can be painted with 5.6m2 with a standard surface thickness of 50 ㎛ (this coverage may vary depending on surface conditions and consumption)
Withstands temperatures of 121 degrees C (discontinuous)
Burning point 29 degrees Celsius
Shelf life 24 months
Life time of Hanjin self-priming epoxy primer
The lifetime of Hanjin EP2060 epoxy primer depends on the dilution and environmental temperature during application
Temperature (℃) 0 ℃ 10 ℃ 20 ℃ 30 ℃
Dry touch 36 hours 12 hours 4 hours 2 hours
Totally dry 72 hours 48 hours 24 hours 16 hours
Dry cured 14 days 7 days 4 days 2 days
Construction application of Hanjin EP2060 Clear roller epoxy primer
Surface treatment:
• Before application, treat surface of materials such as dirt, rust, grease and moisture. Ensure a clean environment and the best conditions for adhesion of products and construction surfaces. The proposed Concrete floor surface has a 30 day life span.
• Applicable surface treatment standards: SSPC 2
How to make epoxy Hanjin primer
• Part paint: curing agent = A: B = 1: 1 (By volume)
• Use mixing tools and follow the required proportions. Should mix each component A and B separately then pour slowly component B into component B and continue to mix (add solvent if necessary after mixing the two components together)
How to use epoxy coating system roller Hanjin
• Construction tools: paint roller or airless spray
• After finishing mixing Hanjin EP2060 epoxy primer, use roller or paint sprayer to apply one coat on the surface. Depending on the circumstances, you can apply 2 coats
• It is recommended to apply all paints over the lifetime of the paint, because if Hanjin epoxy primer is left over the painting time, it will harden and be unusable.
Notes on mixing and executing epoxy coating system for Hanjin EP2060 Clear roller system
• Store and apply to avoid sources of ignition and must keep in a cool, cool 5 ~ 25 ℃ condition. Products must be sealed when stored.
• Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Minimize inhalation causing respiratory effects.
• Do not apply in condition of relative humidity above 85%, which is the reason for Son’s loss.
• Ensure exact dispensing ratio as required
• Do not mix with other paints.
• Do not paint too thin compared to recommended technical standards
• When painting in a closed environment, respiration must be ensured.