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Sikaflex contruction AP is an elastic, one component, polyurethane-based sealant that hardens in moist environments. This product is suitable for outdoor expansion joints.
Sikaflex contruction AP is used to seal expansion joints in structure of general constructions. In addition, it is used to fill around door frames, facades, coatings, etc. for concrete, bricks, wood, metal, contact between PVC and construction structures.
– One component, ready to use
– Affected by weather, very good anti-aging
– Scalability up to 25%
– Very good adhesion to many types of surfaces
– Very easy to execute
– Very good tear resistance
Information about product
Form / Color: White, concrete gray, black, beige
Packing: 600ml / sausage. 20 sausages per carton
Storage conditions / Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture and stored in a cool, dry place at a temperature of between 10 ° C – 25 ° C, not exposed to direct sunlight.
Technical data
Chemical root: One-component polyurethane, cures when exposed to moist environments.
Density: ~ 1.3kg / liter (concrete gray)
Face to face 1 ~ 2 hours (at 23oC / 50% humidity)
Freezing speed: 3mm / 24h (at 23oC / humidity is 50%)
Elasticity: 25%
Slot width: Minimum 10 mm and maximum 35mm
Sagging flow: 0mm, very good
Working temperature: -40oC to + 70oC
Mechanical properties:
Tear resistance:> 6N / mm (at 23oC / 50% humidity)
Shore A hardness: 30- after 28 days (at 23oC / humidity is 50%)
Modular break: ~ 0.6N / mm2 at 100% expansion state (at 23oC / 50% humidity)
Elongation to break: 600% (at 23oC / humidity is 50%)
Elasticity:> 85% (at 23oC / humidity is 50%)
Coefficient information
Construction method
Consumption / design of sealant: The width of the slot must be designed in accordance with the elasticity of the sealant. Usually slot width is from 10mm-35mm. The ratio between width and depth is 2: 1
Standard table of DIN 18540 for expansion joints of concrete:
Slot gap 2m ​​2-3.5m 3.5-5m 5-6.5m 6.5-8m
Slot width 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm
Minimum slot width 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm
Depth depth 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 15mm
The minimum width for door frames is 10mm
All expansion joints are appropriately designed and meet the relevant standard requirements, because changes cannot always be repaired after the material has hardened. The calculation of slot size is necessary as it relates to material consumption
Relative norms
Slot width 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm
Depth depth 8mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm
Slit length / 600ml ~ 7.5m ~ 4m ~ 2.5m ~ 1.6m ~ 1.3m
Surface quality: the surface must be dry, clean, homogeneous, free from grease, debris must be cleaned.
Surface preparation / lining lining: smooth surface: Metal, coating … must be cleaned and embedded Sika Cleaner 205 to clean
Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes, using Sika Primer 3N brush on the slot surface. Wait about 30 minutes.
For PVC, use sika Primer 215, waiting time about 30 minutes.
Basket surface: such as concrete, mortar, bricks … need to be primed with 3ika sika prim and allow to dry for about 30 minutes (the longest is 8 hours)
Important note: Primer increases adhesion. It also works to make the surface cleaner thus increasing adhesion
Primer makes sealants more durable over time.
For more information about Primer, refer to the Sika Primer information manual
Construction note / limit:
Surface temperature: minimum 5 ° C and maximum 35 ° C
Ambient temperature: minimum is 5oC and maximum is 35oC
Surface moisture: dry
Construction instruction
Construction methods / tools: Sikaflex Construction AP is ready made and ready to use.
After the preparation of the slot surface is complete, insert backing backing according to slot specification, Primer sweep if necessary. Put the Sikaflex Construction AP tube into the Sikaflex Construction AP gun (specialized use) and start pumping Sikaflex Construction AP into the slot so that Sikaflex Construction AP fully contact the two sides of the slot to ensure good adhesion, then fill up. slot so there are no more air bubbles. Adhesive tape should be applied on both sides of the slits before applying Sikaflex Construction AP so that it is not dirty when applying and removing this tape after finishing construction (when Sikaflex Construction AP is still wet). To smooth the surface of the slot, use clean water with a little detergent to flatten the surface.
Cleaning tools: Clean tools and equipment with sikaremover – 208 / sikatop clearn –T immediately after use. If the material has solidified, mechanical cleaning may be required.
Application Precautions / Limits: Elastic sealant cannot be applied on paint
If appropriate paint can be applied on the sealant along the joints up to 1mm. The paint must be tested in accordance with DIN 52452-2
Colors may vary due to exposure to high temperature chemicals or UV waves (especially for light colors). However, that does not affect the technical properties or durability of the product. Before applying on natural stone, consult the support department