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18kg/ Box



Sikaproof Membrane waterproof, high elastic membrane
Description Sikaproof Membrane
Sikaproof Membrane is a water-based, one component, cold-applied bitumen polymer modified waterproof membrane.
Underground waterproofing layer for concrete and plaster surfaces
Flat roof floor
Basements, etc.
Waterproofing of walls
Easy to apply by brush or spray
Quick drying, forming a durable and flexible coating, excellent connection properties and sealing cracks
Designed for use on old and new structures.
Contains no solvents
Odorless and free from sticking hands
Certification: Compliant with ASTM D1227
Product information
Form / color: Liquid, solid / Black (When dried)
Packing: 18 kg / carton
Storage: Store in cool, shaded place (Store temperature from + 50C to 35oC.
Shelf life: At least 1 year if stored properly in original unopened containers.
Technical data
Volume of volume: 1 kg / liter
Solid content: 53 – 58%
Consumption density:
Lining: 0.2 – 0.3 kg / m2
Coating: 0.6 kg / m2 per layer (2.0 kg / m2 for a thickness of ~ 1.1mm after drying)
Dry: About 60 minutes until dry 4 hours until dry (thickness when wet 0.60 mm, 30oC, 80% environmental humidity)
Tensile properties:
Tensile strength 1 N / mm2
Maximum elongation: 600% (ASTM-D-412)
Shore A hardness: 20 – 25 (ASTM-D-2240)
Flexibility at low temperatures: Meets the standard at 4 ° C (ASTM-D-430) Fire resistance:
Wet: Not flammable
Dry: the fire will not spread
Chemical resistance: Water resistant, most saline and mild alkaline solutions Temperature:
Surface preparation: The substrate must be clean, solid and free from standing water and free from surface contaminants such as lubricants, saturated compounds and surface dust.
Add 20-50% water to Sikaproof Membrane and mix well. Use a brush or sprayer to coat a surface. Allow this lining to dry completely before applying the next coat.
In the case of porous substrates and high permeability, the surface must be wet first. Avoid standing water.
Application: Apply Sikaproof Membrane to a clean and primed surface with a brush or aerosol. When spraying on the outer wall beneath the ground, make sure the surface is covered with a thick layer of uniformity and no needle holes. For waterproofing should apply 2-3 layers. Wait for the layers to dry before applying the next coats.
 Cleaning: Wash hands and utensils with cold water while the product is still wet and use kerosene or solvent when the product is dry.
Construction note / Limitations
Because Sikaproof Membrane is not resistant to ultraviolet rays for a long time, exposed surfaces (such as flat roofs) must be protected (such as reflective paint or protective plastering).
Do not use the product as a surface subject to direct travel.
Do not dilute with solvent.
Once opened, use up the product
Health and safety information
Protective measures: Wear protective clothing such as gloves, goggles. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, rinse with clean water immediately.