Waterproofing products



5L/ box, 25L/box



Sika Latex TH is an additive when mixed with cement or cement-sand mortar to form a mortar used to connect to repair concrete, waterproofing mortar, thin patch mortar, floor plaster.
Detailed description Sika Latex TH is a high quality emulsion that increases the quality of cement slurry such as:
– Oily layer.
– Thin layer of patch mortar.
– Mortar paid waterproofing.
– Floor grout.
– Concrete repair mortar.
– Wear resistant lining.
– Tile plaster
– Mortars.
Advantages of Sika Latex TH
– Perfect adhesion.
– Reduce shrinkage.
– Increase the elasticity.
– Excellent waterproofing.
– Increasing resistance to chemical wear.
– Non toxic.
– Sika Latex TH is not converted into an emulsion even under highly alkaline conditions.
– Suitable for cement mortar layers in contact with drinking water.
– High-strength plaster floor plaster.
– For plastering and patching in areas where thin finishing is required
– Improve the elasticity and resist the formation of cracks.
– Adhesive for plastering, abrasion resistant floor coverings in sewage treatment plants, sewers.
Information about Sika Latex TH products
Form / Color: Liquid / White.
Package: 5/25/200 liter container.
Storage: Cool, dry place.
Shelf life: At least 6 months if stored properly in original unopened packaging
Technical data:
Root: Emulsion Styrene Butadiene rubber
Volume of volume: ~ 1.02 Kg / liter
Surface preparation:
Concrete surfaces must be clean, solid, free from grease, cement dust and other adhesives.
Absorbent surfaces must be fully saturated but allow no standing water
Aggregates must be well selected and washed. The size of sand grains must correspond with the thickness of the mortar layer and the surface smoothness required.
1. Bonding agent for plastering / bonding layers for old and new concrete
– Mixing ratio.
1 liter of Latex TH + 1 liter of water + 4 kg of cement = connected oil lake.
Part of the lake connected on can cover about 4 m2
– Construction:
Put the cement in the Latex TH mixture – water is mixed and mixed until the consistency is creamy. Apply latex TH latex bonding layer with a thickness of 1-2 mm on the pre-wetted surface and pour new concrete or plaster mortar immediately (apply as soon as the bonding layer is still wet)
2. Floor plastering
– Mixing ratio:
Cement: sand = 1: 2.5 = 3 (by weight, sand under SSD conditions)
Cement: sand = 1: 3 = 3.7 (by volume, sand under SSD conditions)
Adjust viscosity with a mixture of water and Sika Latex TH by using the ratio between Sika Latex TH: water = 1: 3
– Construction:
Apply the waterproofing mortar layer as soon as the connected oil slurry layer is still wet
Notes about construction / limits:
– Never use Sika Latex TH mixture with water as a coupling agent without adding cement.
– If the weather is warm or wind, regular maintenance measures should be taken to prevent the mortar from drying out too soon.
– Always saturate the surface to absorb water but leave no stagnant water
– If applying multiple coats, the previous coat must be wet
– In case of using for always wet structure (swimming pool …), it is required to let the TH Latex Latex layer dry one week before putting the structure into use or the structure is permanently submerged in water.
Cleaning: Clean all tools and equipment with clean water immediately after application.
Health and safety information:
Ecology: Do not dispose of into water or soil
Shipping: Not dangerous.
Waste disposal: According to local regulations.
Important note:
Sika Latex TH may cause an allergic reaction.
Adequate precautions should be taken to minimize skin contact.
If the product gets into the eyes or mucous membranes, wash with clean water and seek medical attention immediately.