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Self-adhesive waterproofing sheets.



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20m/ roll



1.5mm thick self-adhesive sheets are manufactured from high quality modified bitumen and SBS polymer. The underside of the film is the glue that is protected by the silicon film, the upper surface is covered by a PE film.
Waterproofing membrane used for vertical or horizontal wall surfaces to be waterproofed, moisture-proof includes:
– Pool;
– Basement;
– Tunnel;
– Retaining wall…
– Easy to apply, self-adhesive primer adhesive lining;
– Good adhesion on vertical or horizontal surfaces;
– Good resistance to heat, chlorine, dilute alkali, sulfate and acid;
– Good water and steam resistance;
– High tear resistance, puncture resistance;
– Self-adhesive stickers are reinforced with fiberglass mesh combined with polyester composite, so the stickers have stable dimensions, high tensile strength and elongation at breakage, good mechanical properties.
1. 1. Prepare the surface
– The concrete surface is bavia removed, remove excess iron ends
– Clean the surface with dust or sand or cement scraps to avoid damaging the waterproofing membrane
– Flat, corner corners, balustrades or panel under the floor
– The surface handed over before waterproofing construction must be clean and smooth.
1. 2. Construction of lining:
– Scan or roll with a roller or brush with a thin layer of primer and evenly onto the prepared concrete surface. Priming areas where waterproofing membranes may be constructed during the day.
– After the primer paints about 2-3 hours, can apply anti-stick coating (in normal weather conditions).
1. 3. Construction of self-adhesive stickers:
– Put the roll on the surface of the waterproofing, rolling and spreading the roll in a straight line. During the spreading process, slowly peel off the silicon film on the underside of the film, simultaneously pressing the film down. The sticker will stick tightly to the surface to be waterproofed without using thermal equipment.
– Minimum eyelid protection: 10cm. Between the overlapping positions, it is necessary to thoroughly scan the primer layer and press carefully.
1. 4. Inspection and maintenance
– After finishing the paste, need to check again at the joints and overlap. Can be rolled back to ensure waterproofing quality
– Protective screed should be applied; tile or pour concrete to protect the waterproofing membrane before proceeding with subsequent steps.
1. 5. Packing and storage:
– Packing: width: 1m and length 20m / roll,
– Storage: store in a dry place, temperature> 50C; Keep away from heat sources that may generate heat
– Rolls or pallets need to be erected and do not overlap